Dr DeCarbo and his staff are phenomenal. I had lapiplasty on both left and right foot with other toe repair. My outcome and relief from bunions is amazing. I lived with bunions my whole life and this surgery truly transformed my feet, my balance, my endurance and stability walking. Special recognition to Shannon and Tammy who round out a great team of professionals with Dr DeCarbo. And they do it all with a human touch and humor. Highly recommend DeCarbo!

Margaret C.

I had been putting up with foot problems for 15 months. After physical therapy and a doctor, I consulted my PCP and told him I needed some resolution to my ongoing foot problems. He recommended Dr. DeCarbo. I doctored with him for 3 months. He gave me exercises that us correcting the condition. He and his staff are outstanding in their care and knowledge. I would highly recommend his office.

Sally M.

2017 I had the misfortune of having a trimalleolar fracture and inital surgery done by another trauma surgeon. 1 year later I was still severly suffering with pain and immobility. I transfered to Dr Decarbo and began the process of needing things redone correctly. Without his knowledge and outstanding abilities as a surgeon. I would not have any quality of life or half the mobility that he was able to help me regain through skills as a surgeon and doctor. I wouldn't consider any other doctor for my ankle care, he is the best at what he does and I highly recommend him. Lucky to have him in the burg.

Kimberly M.

From my first encounter with Dr. DeCarbo, I knew he was the surgeon for me. He was exact, to the point, confident and answered every question I posed to him. Nothing came as a surprise. The postop was exactly as described. I followed his instructions. The result is beyond great. Minimal discomfort. Minimal! My friends could not believe how I sailed right through this. I have had friends of friends call me to tell them about my experience. I’m not sure they believe me! But I know the truth. It wasn’t bad at all compared to all the horror stories I heard about “bunion surgery.” This 3-D lapiplasty was a breeze working with Dr. DeCarbo. I highly recommend his surgical expertise and his jovial personality. I will be returning in the next year for my other foot. No pain. Pretty shoes again.

Denise H.