Are You an Athlete? Here Are Some Important Foot Health Tips

Are You an Athlete? Here Are Some Important Foot Health Tips

Our feet are usually the strong-but-silent type. We don’t give them a ton of thought, but they bear the weight of our bodies as we move throughout the day. Often, they do this without putting up any fuss. But if the burden becomes too heavy — something that’s especially common in athletes — the feet start to speak up. 

Fortunately, some foot health practices can help you avoid a podiatric problem. And as a specialist in sports medicine, William T. DeCarbo, DPM, FACFAS, knows how to keep your feet healthy. Plus, he’s here at Greater Pittsburgh Foot & Ankle Center in Wexford, Pennsylvania, if you ever need foot or ankle care.

To avoid a foot issue taking you out of commission, though, use these tips. 

Get the right equipment

As an athlete, you’re putting added strain on your feet. The right equipment can protect them from excess impacts.

If you’re a runner, for example, don’t head out in that pair of sneakers you’ve had for years and years. You should be replacing your shoes every 500 miles or fewer. Be sure you’re choosing shoes specifically designed to support your foot as you run, too.  

The same goes for other sports. Basketball players should be in basketball shoes, which come with ankle support that can help to prevent strain and sprains. Hikers benefit from the sturdy build of a hiking boot to provide a safety measure. 

Whatever your activity of choice is, invest in the proper footwear for it.

Warm up and cool down

Taking a few minutes to ease into your athletic endeavor helps your feet. Specifically, it increases blood flow throughout your body, including to the muscles in your feet, and this can help to prevent injury. 


Cooling down similarly helps with injury prevention. While you’re stretching after exercise, don’t forget your feet

Seek care early

If you’re dealing with a foot issue that seems minor, don’t ignore it. Even a little swelling or stiffness could be a sign of a growing issue, like tendinitis. 

Start by staying off your feet for a few days. If rest improves the issue, continue resting until it’s fully resolved.

If you don’t see improvement with rest, pay us a visit. Here, Dr. DeCarbo can evaluate what’s going on with your feet. Seeing him early, before your symptoms take you fully out of commission, should make the problem easier and faster to resolve. 

Whenever you need foot or ankle care — even if you just have a question about a symptom you’ve been noticing — we’re here. Don’t hesitate to call our office or book your appointment online today